Karns Vision Center is proud to offer Neurolens to our patient's in Knoxville and East Tennessee.  As the demand on our eyes have become greater than ever, many of our patients have found phenomenal relief using Neurolens.  As many as 80% of adults experience the painful symptoms from eye misalignment.  

These symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Once eyes are tired, they are literally feeling the strain that often accompany extended screen time usage.  Not everyone has a migraine or a headache due to stress or fatigue; some suffer from a visual misalignment which causes these symptoms.  

Neurolens corrects this misalignment and can change people's lives by improving their quality of health.  The contoured prism technology of Neurolens brings the eyes back into comfortable alignment.


Understanding Neurolens

Our optometrists, at Karns Vision Center, can order the Neurolens measurement and evaluation test during your regular eye exam.  This test will measure the degree of your misalignment at distance and near and will allow us to determine if a contoured prism prescription is right for you.  

Neurolens is a custom designed corrective eyewear, specifically prescribed to address micro-misalignments between your eyes.  When your eyes can not properly work together as a pair, your visual system becomes stressed while trying to focus and make sense of what you are seeing.

Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that add a contoured prism  to bring the eyes in alignment and are much more that just reading or computer glasses.  The Neurolens design can be prescribed for single vision, computer, or progressive correction needs.

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