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Glaucoma is increasingly in the news as the baby boomer generation matures.  While most people consider it a specific disease, it is a collection of conditions that can damage a patient’s optic nerve.  Many individuals are surprised to receive a positive diagnosis, according to our eye doctor. 

The focus of our Karns Vision in Knoxville is preserving as much vision as possible.


Understanding Glaucoma

Among conditions responsible for U.S. blindness, glaucoma is second.  Any vision loss is permanent. 

The cause is an accumulation of aqueous humor in the eye.  Our optometrist notes that without proper treatment, blindness follows.  As damage to the optic nerve builds, the patient can expect to see blind spots at some point.

Eye doctors recognize two types of glaucoma.  The more common is open-angle.  The other is angle-closure.  The difference between them is how blockage of fluid occurs, then fails to drain properly.

The most common open-angle symptoms are blind spots in the central or the side visual field that sometimes cause tunnel vision.  Among angle-closure patients, blurred vision, eye pain, halos surrounding lights, headaches, and redness of the eye are common.

Risk factors for both include:

  • Genetics
  • Age older than 50
  • Thin sections in the central portion of corneas
  • Severe nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Particular eye surgeries
  • Prior eye injury
  • Extended corticosteroid use
  • Elevated intraocular pressure


Unfortunately, many signs of glaucoma are not obvious in the early stages of the disorder.  Often the first indication is noticing foggy or cloudy vision that progresses to peripheral vision loss.  At some point after that, the disorder begins to affect the central visual field.  Our eye doctor indicates that it is important that patients report any perceived vision changes promptly and make sure to undergo scheduled exams at our optometry practice.

We closely monitor individuals with this diagnosis.  Prescription drops and systemic drugs are available to lower eye pressure.  For patients likely to profit from any of the laser surgery procedures available for this condition, we are available to provide pre-and post-operative care.

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The most important thing individuals can do to protect against vision loss from conditions such as glaucoma is to undergo regular eye exams. Karns Vision provides full-service optometry care, including pre-and post-operative services.  Our Knoxville eye doctor uses the most recent technology to treat disorders related to the eyes. 

Whether your need is specialized sports-related services or corrective lenses, we provide exceptional care that is always personalized to the patient’s needs.  Call us today at (865) 247-7715 to schedule an exam with our optometrist.

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