Cataracts FAQs

Cataracts can be a bit scary – especially if you don’t notice the symptoms until they become impossible to ignore. Whether you’re at the beginning phases or your condition is further along, being informed is essential. As such, our team at Karns Vision Center in Knoxville answers some of the top cataracts FAQs below.


What are cataracts and how do I know I have them?

Cataracts are a condition in which your eye’s lens becomes cloudy. They cause poor night vision and you will typically start seeing halos and glare around lights. The sun’s glare can become more intense, you might start seeing double, and you will usually notice that colors don’t look the same.

What causes cataracts?

Your eye’s lens consists of protein, which helps keep your vision clear. Sometimes, that protein gathers together and clouds over the lens. Usually, this happens as you age. However, it can also occur due to an eye injury, diabetes, glaucoma, or something you are born with.

Are they painful?

You shouldn’t feel any pain. However, you will probably feel a lot of frustration from not being able to see well. You might feel discomfort, as your eyes will try to overcompensate for your loss of visual clarity.

How do you diagnose cataracts?

An eye exam is the most efficient way to diagnose cataracts. Your eye doctor will determine your visual clarity at different distances, take a look at the lens under magnification, check for refractive issues, and take a close look at the retina. When needed, your eye doctor will also run testing for sensitivity to glare and color vision.

What are cataract treatment options?

Your cataract treatment will depend on how far the condition has progressed. In the very early stages, your doctor can prescribe specialty eyewear to help. These can include anything from a stronger prescription for your current eyeglasses to eyeglasses with magnification. It might also include sunglasses with glare protection.

Once the condition has progressed too far for such treatments to work, surgery is typically the best option. It’s a safe procedure during which the clouded lens is replaced with a plastic lens. This improves visual clarity, allowing patients to see – usually without any other prescription lenses.

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