Hyperopia, also called farsightedness, is a refractive vision error that makes it difficult for those who have it to discern detail up close. This condition is mainly hereditary and is usually present at birth. It is easily correctable using contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other treatment methods. Our team of eye doctors and specialists at Karns Vision in Knoxville, TN, provide full eye care services and deploy the latest technology for effective treatment.


Signs and Symptoms of Hyperopia

Visit an eye doctor for a diagnosis to determine if you are suffering from hyperopia if you experience the following:

  • Eye Strain, which causes burning and aching around or in your eyes.
  • Objects at a short distance appear blurry than those farther away

Causes of Hyperopia

The human eye has two main parts that focus light to ensure you see things as they are. These include the cornea, the eye's clear front surface, and the lens, a transparent structure suspended behind the iris of your eye.

When the eye is shaped and is functioning normally, these two elements display a flawlessly smooth curvature. They work together to bend incoming light to produce a sharply focused image at the back of your eye, directly on your retina.

Hyperopia Treatment Options

Farsightedness is a common issue faced by both adults and kids. It affects one’s quality of life and can also result in other vision problems. The following are the most popular hyperopia treatments:

LASIK Surgery

This is an ideal permanent solution for farsighted people. LASIK surgery is a procedure where an eye doctor uses a laser to reshape your cornea to correct your refractive vision error. LASIK is effective for mild and moderate hyperopia conditions.

Eye Contacts and Glasses

For people who are not comfortable with eye surgery, corrective lenses are the commonly preferred treatment. Eyeglasses can bend light and focus it on the retina to eliminate or minimize the blurry vision of objects at a distance. Corrective lenses are sometimes the only best option for people who do not qualify for surgery.

Ocular Implants

These are lenses implanted to the eye through surgery to correct hyperopia. A few decades back, such things were like science fiction. But, it is now one of the most effective procedures used for various eye treatment problems.

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