Eye Infections

When to Be Concerned about Eye Infections

To ensure long-term eye health, it is important that you take care of eye health concerns quickly. Eye infections can pose a real threat to your vision when left untreated. At Karns Vision Center, serving Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas, we can help evaluate, diagnose, and treat many eye infections. Keep reading to learn more. 


Common Causes of Eye Infections

Eye infections can be caused by several reasons. Let's look at some of the most common causes: 

Dirty contacts

If you use contact lenses for vision correction, it is imperative that you keep your contacts properly cleaned. Dirty contacts can allow bacteria into your eyes and cause infections. This is especially important for young people and children. If your child or teen wears contacts, be sure to guide them on how to properly clean and care for their contacts. 

Dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, you could be more susceptible to infections. Dry eyes will cause a decrease in tear production. Tears not only keep your eyes moist, but they also help to keep your eyes clean. When there are not enough tears present, eyes can get infected. 


Another common cause of eye infections can be an injury. If your eye was injured and it was not properly cleaned and cared for, an infection can set up really fast. If you experience an eye injury, be sure to have your eyes cleaned properly at the optometrist office or the ER. 


Conjunctivitis is a common type of eye infection that is caused by bacteria. This condition is contagious. If you have this condition, do not be in contact with others. If you know someone who has this condition, limit contact with them until the infection is cleared up. 

Eye Infection Treatments 

If you think you may have an eye infection, you should make an appointment with the eye doctor as soon as possible. Eye infections can worsen quickly. If left untreated, eye infections can damage your eyes and endanger your vision. Our team will be able to evaluate your condition, diagnose the problem and develop a treatment plan that will resolve the eye infection quickly. 

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