Eye and Vision Exams In Knoxville

Routine eye exams are crucial to maintain your eye's health and address changes to your vision. First, we will discuss your symptoms, including pain, discomfort, and blurry vision. Next, we will discuss factors affecting your eye health, such as the work environment. Once we understand your situation, we can determine your best treatment methods. Read below to see how Karns Vision Center in Knoxville, TN, can assist you. 

eye exam

Vision Testing

Vision can decline with age, but other factors can also affect how you see the world. Regular vision testing and evaluations help us guarantee you have the clearest vision possible. We examine each eye with a computerized phoropter and eye chart, which helps us determine the overall health of each eye. Our tests involve checking your vision from a normal distance and your reading vision. We prescribe corrective glasses or contact lenses for vision correction if necessary. Additionally, we will want to see you regularly to monitor your condition.

Eye Function Testing

Your eye functionality involves more than your vision. Our optometrist will perform several tests to evaluate your color vision, eye muscle abilities, peripheral vision, responsiveness to light, and depth perception. Combined with several other tests, we'll determine if your eyes are moving, focusing, and working correctly. These tests will help us diagnose conditions that may prevent your eyes from focusing and operating properly.

Eye Health

We will assess your eye health through a visual examination and tonometry. Part of the exam involves inspecting your eyes and eyelids, dilating the pupils, and using Optos to photo document your retina. We want to identify the root cause of your eye issues, as increased eye pressure may signify glaucoma, so we use tonometry to measure your eye pressure. Once we've completed the tests, we'll discuss your best treatment options.

Expert Eye Care at Karns Vision Center

At Karns Vision Center in Knoxville, TN, we provide expert optical services to residents of Knoxville. Our caring and dedicated team will work with you to monitor your vision and eye health, so you can maintain clear vision for years. Prioritize your eye health and schedule an appointment with our eye doctor by calling (865) 247-7715 today. 

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