Identifying and Treating Pink Eye

Identifying and Treating Pink Eye

Pink eye is the informal name for an eye condition called conjunctivitis. It is often thought of as a condition affecting young children. It often runs rampant throughout places like daycare and preschools. It is highly contagious but is not confined only to the young in communal settings. At Karns Vision Center, we provide family-friendly eye care. We have an experienced team that provides quality eye care in Knoxville, TN.

What Is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a bacterial or a viral infection. It can also be the result of an allergic reaction. When it happens to a baby, it can be the result of an incomplete tear duct opening. The effects of pink eye look the same. The reason it is known as pink eye is that the conjunctiva, which is the transparent membrane that lines the eyeball and covers the white portions of the eye, turns reddish-pink due to the inflammation of the small blood vessels that become visible.

Identifying Pink Eye

Pinkish-red eyes are a clear indication that you may have pink eye. Other symptoms include feeling that something gritty has gotten into your eyes, itchy eyes, an oozy discharge that causes a crust on your eyes, and excessive tearing. If others around you also have these symptoms, given the highly contagious nature of the condition, it is likely pink eye.

Treating Pink Eye

You may not need to visit an eye doctor for this condition. One of our eye doctors will ask you a few questions that will give us the information we need over the phone. Treatment for pink eye depends on the cause. Viral pink eye will not respond to antibiotic eyedrops. Usually, treatment involves artificial tears, washing your eyelids with a wet cloth, and applying warm or cold compresses several times daily. Pink eye needs to run its course, which can be up to three weeks.

Get Pink Eye Treatment in Knoxville, TN

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